being that my experience spans from over 9 years of san francisco life, a year abroad in Florence, Italia & a family culture rich in food memories, 3 years of cooking at an organic open kitchen market w/ a daily menu, thoughtful ingredients are at the forefront of my cuisine.  Local Nevada County farms have an abundant array of fresh, organic, whole foods that are unparalleled to buying produce shipped in from Chile, Mexico & Argentina.  Abundance is a key word here.  I will make you whatever you desire, but please be willing to trust my eye, I canoodle every potato, smell each bunch of lemon thyme, size up each blessed little chicken & taste everything I possibly can before buying your ingredients.  I enjoy planning menus at the farmer’s market, the fish market, the local butcher or simply your favorite market, letting these wondrous ingredients speak for themselves.

Let’s go on an adventure together, I promise it will be fun.a marin sun farms beauty