catering testimonials


“If I could rate Eye of the Avocado ten stars I would!! We hired them to cater our wedding, and it was the best decision we made!! Weeks later, guests are still raving about the Mac n Cheese, and I have a feeling it will be a lasting detail we all come back to. We also hired a food truck, and Jes seamlessly coordinated with them to set up and serve her Mac n Cheese beside the truck. She also coordinated with the event space to access the ovens before serving. She made enough Mac n Cheese for 170 people, served each guest with a warm smile, and every portion was gooey cheesy, perfect. I loved that we could trust her to iron out the practical details of serving, so it was one less thing for us to think about. I also loved how you can TASTE the love and intention that went into each bite. We picked Eye of the Avocado because of their dedication to using organic, locally sourced ingredients, and their commitment to creating community around beautiful, feel good, meals. Jes’ Mac n Cheese felt like the glue at our wedding!! It brought so many friends and family together over one beautiful, home cooked meal!! Thank you Jes!!”

-Nora & Josh // May 2017

“The food!!! Jes has an inspiring dedication to quality food and producing wonderful culinary delights. I hired her as a vendor for the 31st annual Sierra Storytelling Festival and she an instant hit! From the staff to the audience, Eye of the Avocado was by far the most popular food vendor. Since that time I have followed Eye of the Avocado to every pop-up and supper club.  I highly recommend Eye of the Avocado to my friends and colleagues when ever the topic of food is on the table. “

– Belle // March 2017

“I recently gave a large party in my home – something I find daunting – to honor my mother’s recent transition. Jes and her delightful crew were amazing. She held my hand through the planning, provided tasty cocktail recipes, and effortlessly provided the most delicious food imaginable. All of my guests were raving about the food/drink. Eye of the Avocado is the “go to” business in Nevada City for all of my future gatherings.”

– Pavana & Dave Bohegian

“Jes Taber has impressed upon me such devotion to artful food, that I have been unable to dine any other way since working with her. Meals have a broader meaning now. Flavor means happy. She has touch which brings excitement to simplicity and devotion to what our earth already has for our palates. Jes also has impeccable integrity. Working with her is such a joyful experience. She can woo a crowd of 100 with her ceviche. She completely understands yum. Clearly, Jes Taber is a gift to our entire community. We are so fortunate to have a woman who has the capacity to change the face of the culinary world in our midsts in such a male dominated profession.

-Megan McCollam owner of Polly’s Paladar,

“Jes is a dynamic chef, creating beauty in both the look and taste of each bite. She is easy to work with and makes me want to keep coming up with excuses to celebrate so I can continue to delight in her cuisine.”

-Alicia Funk of The Living Wild Project,

“Jes knows food. She knows food grown close to home is best. And home for Jes Taber is in the kitchen, where she turns a few simple ingredients into a sublime meal. A true artist who knows the subtlety and sensual power of taste, everyone needs to try this gal’s cookin’.”

-Laura Brown, Newspaper Columnist/Writer,