about jes

Jes Taber, the founder of Eye of The Avocado, is currently based in San Francisco.  Here in the little city by the bay she comprises her time with catering small parties and large weddings. She can be found from time to time at the Marin Headlands Art Center working side by side with Katie Powers who heads up the food program for all weekend happenings there.  She services corporate luncheons on the peninsula and extravagant anniversary parties in Russian Hill and so much more. 

Her food has been described as food from the heart, rustic, real, herb centered, lemon soaked & mouth watering delicious.  Real food made from love.  She is an avid nourishing traditions enthusiast, specializing in bone broths and cooking with good fats, local vegetables and quality pasture raised meats.

She has worked for such destination spots as Tartine Bakery, Bi-Rite Market, Blue Bottle Coffee, Three Forks Bakery + Brewery & Terroir Wine Bar. She has learned that doing one thing masterfully is more valuable then doing 100 things fairly well. 

While in Nevada City she hosted a radio program aptly titled, Room Temperature Butter, since moving back to San Francisco she has looked into a possible new food + music venture.  Who knows what the future holds. 

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