Never had an event catered? We have catered over 200 (with over 60 farm to table weddings). Beyond weddings we have catered retreats for Doctors Without Borders, been a part of the weeklong Sales Force Dream Force event for 2000+ guests, catered the green room at your favorite festival or been the chef at your romantic weekend getaway in Hawaii. We never get bored of creating a truly magical experience.  

We can solve all the problems you will have with your event. “You solved so many problems that we didn’t even know we had” -Kritters Blevins, Wedding Client 2019.  Beyond menu planning and day-of services we can help with rentals, set up & breakdown of decor, event planning, procuring flowers, dj’s and so much more.

Whether it be atop the South Shore of Lake Tahoe or at the Miners Foundry in downtown Nevada City we will create a memorable experience for you. We make awesome food for awesome people. We pride ourselves in using 100% organic and sustainable ingredients, from AM Ranch steaks to the micro chervil that garnishes our grain salads. Eye of the Avocado food has been described as Mediterranean food from the heart, rustic, lemon soaked & mouth watering delicious. It’s authentically good food. 

Send us a contact us request today! We love what we do and want to work for you! 

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