what we do

You can find us inside Little Bee Bakery at 521 Cortland @ Moultrie in Bernal Heights, Fri – Sun, 8am -3pm. We offer a delicious Breakfast Sandwich, the Roy G. Biv Sandi (an acronym for the rainbow), which is an all organic, locally sourced egg sandwich that has been delighting the masses since October, 2016. You can read about us in TimeOutSf, EaterSF, Bernalwood, UrbanDaddy & we are a hot & new business on yelp!  Please visit us soon!

Beyond the Pop Up at 521 Cortland, Eye of the Avocado can be hired for personal chef & catering gigs. Jes’ food has been described as food from the heart, rustic, honest, herb centered, lemon soaked & mouth watering delicious.  Real food made from love.  It is a woman owned business.


TimeOutSF:  “(Eye of the Avocado) serving SF’s most popular breakfast sandwich”

Urban Daddy SF: “The best weekends include breakfast sandwiches. Particularly, breakfast sandwiches on brioche buns with pickled vegetables, herb butter, bacon and avocado. Assuming that sounds good, you’ll want to check out the Eye of the Avocado pop-up, which is happening in a very real way. And is named that”.

EaterSF: Pop-up Eye of the Avocado has opened its doors — at least temporarily … serving up a highly instagram-able array of breakfast sandwiches.

Bernalwood: “Eye of the Avocado is already crushing it on Yelp

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