personal chef

Eye of the Avocado specializes in organic health driven diets such as AutoImmune Protocol (AIP), Low Fodmap, Paleo, Anti-Candida & so forth. We offer week & month long packages as well as cleanse long (6-week package). The idea is to work in a team with a Clinical Nutritionist who specifies a specific diet (Low Fodmap for instance). I then come up with a weekly list of menu options & have them approved by the Nutritionist. The next step is to make, package and deliver them to your door. Easy, burdenless, hand tailored food for your specific needs.

An example is as follows:

I. Kitchen Staples (make large batches of these simple recipes weekly to ensure you always have a backup meal ready to eat).

I-A.Broth (mineral, chicken/fish or ginger dashi)

I-B. Salad Dressing (lemon, herb, lime or acv vinaigrette)

I-C. Smoothie (green)

I am open to collaborating with all Nutritionists, Internal Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncturists, & Eastern Medicine Physicians.

“I have known Jes Taber for years and she is amazing at her work. She is especially wonderful at specific nutrient dense diets like Low FODMAP, AIP, Paleo, low-carb and keto. She is professional, calm under pressure and knows a lot about food and how to make it taste amazing. As a nutritionist, she is the first person I recommend my clients contact who need personal chef needs.” – Jessica Flanigan, Clinical Nutritionist and author of The Loving Diet (AIP Lifestyle).